I have clients that know exactly what they want but for the most part they just have an general idea.


I come to your home or office and get photos and measurements also discuss ideas and color choices. I research that idea and come up with a sketch to show the client. By then I have a good idea how many days it will take to complete the project.


Every job is different so there is no set cost. The cost of the job does not change unless the client changes the design or adds to it.


I am willing to travel depending on the job, I can paint large canvas' and install them on site anywhere.  Please call for more information.

Old World Mural

Wow what a statement this makes when you enter the master bath.


I added three dimensional bricks over the real window to the left and aged the shutters to match the ones in the mural. There is also a stone faux throughout the entire master bath to pull the look together.



Greek Mural

Most of my murals are bold in color but this client wanted an extremely soft subtle look.


I think it came out beautiful.



Hawaiian Window

Real window shutters and a shelf were added to this one.


Anytime I can add more dimension to a painting with real pieces, I do.



Tropical Window Mural

I love to add layers to my trompe l 'oeil paintings it gives extra three dimension to my paintings.


Like this one where I have the potted banana palm in the room over lapping the window.



Tuscan Mural

I like to add extra surprise elements to my paintings such as the cloth draped down the wall.



Ibis on Urn Mural

In the entry was a very tall and narrow recessed niche.


I think this mural really makes a statement when you enter their beautiful home.



Egret on Veranda

The only regret the owner had after I painted this mural is that she had me paint it in the master bath instead of her living room.



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