Uniform Paintings

Because I feel that they are all heroes in one way or another, being commissioned to do a painting that honors a first responder or a member or veteran of the armed forces holds a great deal of significance for me.


For this reason, Uniform Paintings receive a discount as compared to the strictly decorative paintings but, like all of her custom art, each of these paintings is unique and special, so there is no standard pricing, pricing will be provided after a consultation with the artist.


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Customer testimonial:


"I just wanted to say that I received my beautiful painting and it floored me.


Thank you so very much. I have always wanted something that I can keep or give to my kids when I am long gone. This is it!! The detail, colors and life that you put in this painting is magnificent.


I feel like my gear is right in front of me. To have my actual gear on a portrait was simply amazing. Your work is incredible. My family seen it over the holidays and were in awe!!!


You have an unbelievable talent and it shows in everyway on my portrait. You have given me something that I, along with my family, will cherish for many years to come.


Thank you again!!"   Frank Falco - Chicago Fire Fighter


When I was commissioned to do these two pieces, I felt honored to paint something that had meaning for these two gentlemen.


I also love the challenge of painting something I have not had the opportunity to before.




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