I have clients that know exactly what they want but for the most part they just have an general idea.


I come to your home or office and get photos and measurements also discuss ideas and color choices. I research that idea and come up with a sketch to show the client. By then I have a good idea how many days it will take to complete the project.


Every job is different so there is no set cost. The cost of the job does not change unless the client changes the design or adds to it.


I am willing to travel depending on the job, I can paint large canvas' and install them on site anywhere.  Please call for more information.


Quinn's Tree of Life

Quinn loves the Disney Tree of Life but wanted specific animals and wanted them to stand out and look real.


He gave me his list of animals and made the tree is uniquely his. How awesome is that!

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Avery's Fantasy Room

This is why I love kids rooms.


They are always fun. Avery has a definite sense of imagination.



Airplane Mural

The little boy I painted this for was in love with anything that flew.


So I painted every type of flying machine I could think of. Bi-planes, fighter jets, jumbo jets, helicopters, etc. I also added a landing strip complete with control tower. In the bi-plane I had him flying it as a surprise.



Barn Mural

For Sydney's barn mural she requested some of the different barn animals but two in particular her dogs Saki and Cooper.


All the animals were painted on canvas and added to the walls that were fauxed to look like barn siding. A wood frame with real shudders was added to the horse mural and the mice are holding a real piece of string to add a three dimensional look.

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Many times I have added peoples pets to their murals.



Cabana Mural

 This client has a beautiful home on South Siesta Beach complete with a beach cabana.


To spruce it up I added an old a small beach scene with a colorful flamingo and a old Florida postcard.



Horses in Pasture

Leslie wanted a horse and her colt painted on her bedroom wall.


I added the barn in the distance and on the fence also painted a saddle and bridle.



Outer Space

Unfortunately for Jar Jar Binks a large hole has been blown in wall during a fire fight.


Sky Faux

The ceiling in this child's room was low and needed to be opened up.


The sky makes it seem open and airy.


African Kids Mural

This family is originally from South Africa and wanted to provide their new baby with a feel of home.


They also wanted the animals to have textural three dimensional details. The giraffe and zebra have fake fur where their spots and stripes are.


The elephant has tissue paper added to its skin to give it a leather feel. The leopards whiskers come out from the wall and I used some silk leaves for the tree instead of painting all of them.


Because they live in Englewood and I am located in Sarasota I painted all the animals and some of the rocks on canvas and applied them to the wall over the background scenery.

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Personally I find sea gulls funny.


I love to put them in my tropical paintings to add a touch of humor to them.



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